Stu Shaffer, Jeff Swenerton, Bill Mudd, Jack Clemmer, Rick Driesel, Tom Huse


1971 Cheerleaders
Bottom: Laurie Freudenberger and Sharon Smith
Middle: Debbie Jost, Jan Crone and Nancy Fisher
Top: Lorelie Santos and Debbie Zelt

Songleader in gym 1964. Can you identify her?
1963 game
Cheerleaders Kay Geck,Nancy Frisbe, and Mary Whitley talking with Wes the mascot 1963
Pat Flaverty 1969
Joe - Debbie - Susie - Dan 1969
Betty Issacs - ? - ? - ? 1969


These are the cheerleaders for 1970. Larry Cann, Lori Santos, Pat, Pattie Watson, John Moore, Joanne Charbonneau, Pat Blakney (not shown: Jimmy Daniel)

Homer Street Morning after (circa 1970)

Pep squad 1964 with victory bell
Cheering 1964
Pam - Debbie - Dave 1969
Candy 1969