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Below are news articles we have found that have been organized by year. Click on game to go to article.

1963 top
1966 top
CalWestern 19 vs. Southern Utah 9
1967 top
CalWestern vs. Eastern Washington
Saints have first training camp at Cal Western
More Saints info
Bulldogs, Cal Western Clash Here Tonight
CalWestern 47 vs. Southern Utah 8
1968 top
CalWestern vs UCSD
Charelton Heston films at Cal Western Field
There is no Place Like Home, Gauchos Score at Will
Sports Illustrated: November 10, 1969
Players of the Game against Hiram Scott College
Cal Western vs. Hiram Scott (Western Tide)
1970 top
NAIA Honors
USIU Gridders Start Workouts Here Monday (Union Tribune)
Cheerleaders Unite Campus (Western Tide)
Food Fight 3
Food Fight
Food Fight Editorial
"Cal Wee Wee" Country Club - Jim Daniels Jumps From Cafeteria
From the Inside by John Faires
USIU Westerners Never Say Die
Optimism Worries Coach
Fumble-itis Ruins USIU Aspirations
A Football Player is a Wonderful Creature by John Faires

USIU Beats Fullerton(Union Tribune)
USIU Curtis is Consistent(Union Tribune)
Preview of USIU vs. UC Riverside (Union Tribune)
Preview of USIU vs. UC Riverside (Western Tide)
USIU vs. UC Riverside
USIU vs. Riverside (Western Tide)
USIU vs. Austin College
USIU vs. Whittier (Western Tide)
USIU vs. Whittier
USIU vs. Redlands
USIU vs. Redlands (Western Tide)
USIU vs. Redlands (Union Tribune)
USIU vs. Chico State
USIU vs. Chico State (Western Tide)
USIU vs. Chico State-Rought Test Due to USIS Defense
USIU vs. Chico State-Westerners Give Chico A 3-0 Boot
USIU vs. Chico State-USIS Wins on Field Goal By Cutis, 3-0
USIU Faces Mental Challenge (Union Tribune)
USIU vs. Cal Lutheran
USIU vs. Cal Lutheran (Western Tide)
USIU vs. Puget Sound (Western Tide)
USIU vs. Puget Sound (Western Tide)
USIU vs. Puget Sound (Union Tribune)
USIU vs. San Francisco State (Western Tide)
USIU vs. San Francisco State (Western Tide)
USIU vs. San Franciso State 2 (Union Tribune)
USIU vs. San Francisco State (Union Tribune)
USIU Batters (USF) Gators(Union Tribune)
USIU vs. Hawaii (Western Tide)
USIU vs. Hawaii (Union Tribune)
USIS vs. Hawaii - Punts Betray Loss
Omer vs. University of Hawaii (Union Tribune)
Coach Braden Turns Westerners Around (Union Tribune)
Football Honors (Western Tide)
1971 top

Braden Missouri Product
Annual Blue-White Game
Winning Attitude Prevails in USIU Tilt
Cal Western vs. Cal State Los Angeles

Cal Western vs. Puget Sound
Rogge Lost for the Year

1972 top
USIU 9 Southern Utah 6
1973 top

USIU 7 Southern Utah 14
USIU loses to UCR

1974 top

Vince Zarckovich is named second team Little West Coast as Tight End.
Newspaper link to Zarkovich article

1976 top
USIU Notches Season Ending Victory
1977 top
Sid Gillman USIU Coach
1978 top
1979 top
Demise top
USIU goes bankrupt and eliminates all athletics