If you are interested in purchasing ($25.00) the game film from Cal Western vs Santa Clara in 1971 contact:

Mike Gill
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2766 West Barstow Ave.
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Football Photos  
1969 Action Photo Gallery  
Action Photos    
nugenttop fans  
Bill Nugent (20) vs. Hiram Scott Cal Wee Wee Fans  
Curtis_Hanlon top linementop  
John Hanlon and Dale Curtis Wenbourne-Amendola-Irby-Baxter  
Danielstop unk3top  
Daniels 1970 1971  
Frazier Heaton Newtontop 1974 actiontop  
Heaton and Nugent 1970 1974 Action  
Fultz - Coel 1970



Fultz - Cole 1970 1971 Nugent vs Redlands 1969  
unk5 top unk6top  
Jeff Patrick - ??? 1971 Pat Irby 1971  
whittier 1970top Bakertop  
Whittier 1970 Jeff Baker - 1971  
BakerCatch top actiontop  
Jeff Baker making catch 1971 James Whitfied and Steve Williams  
spring football top  
Spring Football on campus 1971 Cole Cochran vs, Redlands 1968  
bethea top shoetop  
Cranly - Bethea ? - Rhodes - Curtis - ?  
top top  
Erik Widmark - ? - ? - ? ? -? - ?  
top top  
Widmark - Curtis Cole - Antl  
top top  
Mike Edwards    
top top  
?-?-?-Steve Blash    
top top  
Frazer Heaton Bill Miller  
top topcard  
top top top  
Larry Debora      
top top  
  Morris Muench    
Werhanowicztop top
  Werhanowicz CW vs Redlands 1964  
  1964top v_Redlands_1964top  
  Joe Picchiottino (1964) CW vs Redlands 1964  
    Dave Price and Jack O'Brien 1964  
  dovigentop spalding_1964top  
  Bob Dovigen 1964 Joe Spaulding vs Hawaii 1964  
  dovgin1964top vs_Lavernetop  
  Dovgin vs Cal Poly 1964 Versus LaVerne 1964  
  1964 actiontop alderman 1964top  
  1964 Picchiottino 1964 Alderman  
  avery 1964top brown 1964top  
  1964 Avery run 1964 Run by Brown  
  schultz action 1964top captains 1964top  
    1964 team captains Toledo and O'Brien  
  toledo 1964top dovgintop  
  1964 Toledo versus Whittier Dovgin 1964  
  1976 Anderson top averytop  
  1976 Matt Anderson Anson Avery 1963  
  coachestop lablanc_nugenttop  
  Dinaberg-Williamson-Philpot-Brizendine (1967) Jackman LaBlanc and Bill Nugent 1967  
  Dalton_Mays_Shephard_Spellman_Carpenter_1967 Cal Lutheran 1967top  
  Pugeout Sound 1967 top LeBlanc and Desantis 1967 top  
  Cal Lutheran Game 1967 top Rhodes vs Redlands 1967 - Chris Cross in background top  
  Bielman ande Blash 1969 Muench  
  Bielman and Blash vs UCSD 1968 top Muench vs Puget Sound 1968 top  
  Clark and LeBlanc v So. Utah 1967 top Bob Mays-Ron Begley-Gary Dalton- Jim Spellman vs Eastern Washington 1967top  
  Werhanowicz vs La Verne 1967 top Vaughn vs Cal Poly SLO 1967 top  
  Mexico UC Riverside  
  Dovgin vs Mexico 1963top ???-Avery-Picchiottino vs UC Riverside 1964 top  
  Redlands Mexico  
  Murdock vs Redlands 1963 top Downham -Love- vs Mexico 1963 top  
  Philpot Vs Cal Poly 1969 top Avery-Spaulding-Obrien vs Whitter 1963 top  
  whittier practice  
  Werhanowicz - Spellman vs whittier 1967 top Dinaberg - Wayne Sevier-antl-??? top  
  Mike Rhodes after interception 1969 top Sewell vs La Verne 1963 top  
  Williamson vs La Verne 1963top top  
  Hawaii 1963 top Hawaii 1968 top  
  Fields-Farrar-Cranley- 1969 top Player-Cipranic vs Mexico 1963 top  
  Vs Whittier 1963 top Vs Whittier 1968 top  
  Vs Whittier 1963 top Vs Whittier 1968 top  
  Vs Mexico 1963 top Avery vs La Verne 1963 top  
  Hawaii 1963

  Groom Vs Hawaii 1963 top 1970 vs.Cal Lutherantop  
  Bethea v. Cal Lutheran 1968 top Calachio v. cal Lutheran 1973  
  Hendrix v. Cal Lutheran 1973 Raney v. Cal Lutheran 1970  
  Braden_Hatcher Braden_1971  
  Marv Braden directing Bobby Lent Marv Braden in Balboa Stadium 1971  
  Hatcher_1971 1971_oline  
  Terry Hatcher Balboa Stadium 1971 1971 O-Line Borgia-Irby_Scarnechia-Patrick  
  Jeff Patrick-Pat Irby-Andy Borgia in 1971 1971  
  Alan Fields 1969 vs. ?? 1969 action vs. ???  
  Bohanan-Hiychcock-Raney 1969 Raney-Valdivia_Hitchcock-McCubbin vs Cal Lutheran 1969  
  Vs. Cal Lutheran 1969 In hotel room when we played Hawaii September 1970. Defense: (top to bottom) AllenTorretto , Harry Karuzich, Dennis Knauert, Mike Hutch, Pepe Valdivia, Marv Bethea and Lou Amendola  
  In front of hotel in Hawaii September1970. George Rowan, Pepe Valdivia and Jeff Stevens date unk: Toretto, Karuzich, Vossberg, Cann, Faires, Houchin  
John Hanlon Dale Curtis Tom Wenbiurne Lou Amendola Jim  Baxter Pat Irby Dennis Cole Jeff Baker Jeff Baker Whitfield Williams Bethea Cranley Cole Nugent Cole Antle Steve Blash debora_1969 Spaulding_1964 dovgin_1964 Greeson_1964 Obrien_1964 P rice Picchiottino_1964 dovgin1964 lewis1964 Laverne 1964 greeson 1964 Damschen Price alderman 1964 1964 avery run spaulding 1964 greeson Brown run 1964 schultz Huddleston obrien 1964 toledo dovgin Greeson smith O'Brien Toledo Greeson Spaulding Duby Jim Spellman Gary Dalton Bob Mays Gary Dalton Jim Spellman Dovgin Braden Cole1970