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Jackman LeBlanc

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  CalWestern Teams of 1965-1967


Little All-American fallback Jackman LeBlanc rewrote the record books at Cal Western during his three-year career on the Point Loma grid squad. LeBlanc, a 6-foot, 195-pound speedster from Dorsey High in Los Angeles, fished his collegiate career with 1,340 yards on 250 carries while scoring 80 points and 13 touchdowns to lead the Westerners to their second best season in the school's history. Cal Western finished at 7-3 in 1997, compared with the 7-2 rnark of 1963.

As a sophomore LeBlanc gained 392 yards on 98 carries; as a junior he added 741 on 135 carries. In his CWU career LeBlanc totaled 2,473 yards on 483 carries for 1.5 yards per carry and scored 20 touchdowns.

LeBlanc's reputation intimidated opposing linemen forcing them to wait that extra second to see if he had the ball, thus giving the young Westerner quarterback Wayne Clark more time to polish his play execution and concentrate on his passing. Ruggedness was LeBIanc's trademark; while he remained on his feet, he was certain to gain yardage if there were less than three men in front of him. n.




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