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Crone, Jan (1971)
Baker, Maudelle (1963)
Biord, Barbara (1969) BKG
Bakewill, Chris (1967)
Blakney, Pat (1970)
Brock, Gayle (1963)
Cann, Larry (1970)
Charbonne, Joanne (1970)
Clark, Joyce (1964)
Clemmer, Jack (1966)
Collins, Janice (1964)
Daniel, Jim (1970)
Dewey, Ginny (1967)
Driesel, Rick (1966)
Duschell, Donna (1967)
Faverty, Pat (1969)
Fisher, Nancy (1971)
Freudenberger,  Laurie (1971)
Geck, Gay (1963)
Glazebrook, Bill (1964)
Hager, Cindy (1967)
Holmes, Kathie (1963)
Huse, Tom (1963-1966)
Isaacs, Betty (1969)
Jamison, Susie (1969)
Jost, Debbie (1971)
Keck, Julie (1964)
Lawson, Barbara (1967)
Litwiler, Carol (1963)
Livingston, Chuck (1964)
Lokey, Jackie (1963)
Long, Dee Dee (1967)
Lyde, Ann (1969)
Mast, Linda (1963)
Moore, John (1970) Head Cheerleader
Moran, Gerri (Walker) (1970)
Mudd, Bill (1966)
Myler, Mel (1964)
Norbaum, Marty (1969)
Norton, Liz (1963)
Parke, Susie (1964)
Price, Pattie Watson (1970-1971)
Rydberg, Nancy (1963)
Santos, Lorelie (1971)
Sege, Kathy (1969)
Shaffer, Stu (1966)
Shirley, Steve (1964)
Smith, Sharon (1971)
Stewart, Jerri (1964)
Stone, Linda (Pierson) (1970)
Swenerton, Jeff (1966)
Vollard, Ann (1964)
Warnock, Marti (1964)
Whitley, Mary (1963)
Whitwer, Dave
Zelt, Debbie (1971)






























Jim Daniel (1970) Top


Associate Vice President
AECOM Construction Services
(925) 580-2564


Jack Clemmer (1963-67) Top

Jack passed away in 2011 at 67 years old.


Dave Whitwer Top  

Betty Isaacs (1969) Top


Pattie Watson Price (1969-1970) Top

e-mail Pattie


Marty Norbaum (1969) Top  
Marty Norbaum

Ann Lyde (1969) Top  
Ann Lyde

Kathy Sege (1969) Top


Kathy Sege

Susie Jamison (1969) Top  
Susie Jamison

Pat Faverty (1969) Top
Pat Faverty

Gerri (Walker) Moran (1970) Top   Gerri Walker

Linda (Pierson) Stone (1970) Top

E-mail Linda


Janice Collins (1964) Songleader Top   Collins

Susie Parke (1964) Songleader Top   Parke

Steve Shirley (1964) Cheerleader Top   Shirley

Mel Myler (1964) Cheerleader Top   Myler

Marti Warnock (1964) Songleader Top   Warnock

Julie Keck (1964) Songleader Top   keck

Joyce Clark (1964) Head Songleader Top   clark

Jerry Stewart (1964) Songleader Top   Stewart

Janice Collins (1964) Songleader Top   Collins

Chuck Livingston (1964) Cheerleader Top   livingston

Bill Glazebrook (1964) cheerleader Top   glazebrook

Ann Vollard (1964) Cheerleader Top   vollard

Debbie (Amberg) Zelt (1971) Cheerleader Top


Stu Shaffer (1966) Top

Jeff Swenerton (1966) Top

Dinnsen and former colleagues Jeff Swenerton and Jean Owen attended California Western University at the same time in the 1960s. Swenerton, who retired in June 2004 after working in the Del Mar Union School District for 31 years, taught with Dinnsen and Owen as a team in the same classroom for many years at Del Mar Hills School, now known as the Del Mar Hills Academy of Arts and Sciences.

In 1987, Swenerton was one of the first 12 educators in California to receive the California Educator Award from the Milken Family Foundation.

Jeff was an early resident of Elfin Forest, building his home in 1978. Most evenings found the entire Swenerton family exploring the trails along the creek and hillsides with the many dogs and horses that have been a part of their lives for the past three decades. A true passion for preserving the area developed over these years. Jeff hopes to help the Conservancy in advancing its mission of preserving and protecting the Escondido Creek, and in particular to help with the challenges of raising funding and providing environmental education programs for adults and children at the Elfin Forest Interpretive Center.


Bill Mudd (1966) Top

Bill is deceased.


Rick Driesel (1966) Top  

Tom Huse (1966) Top

Tom played the schools mascot "Wes" in 1963

Maudell Baker (1963) Top   Baker

Gayle Brock (1963) Top Yell Leader   Brock

Gay Keck (1963) Top   Keck

Mary Whitley (1963) Top   Whitley

Katie Holmes (1963) Top
Song Leader

Carol Litwiler (1963) Top   Litwiler


Jackie Lokey (1963) Top   lokey

Linda Mast (1963) Top   mast
Liz Norton (1963) Top   norton

Nancy Rydberg (1963) Top   rydberg

Barbara Lawson (1967) Top   lawson

Dee Dee Long (1967) Top
Dee Dee was a Gamma RA who was a sociology major who enjoys the diverse hobbies of reading, dancing, and sport activities. She planned to go into probation work. Dee Dee was Homecoming Junior Princess in 1969.

Cindy Hager (1967) Top
Head Cheerleader

Chris Bakewill (1967)Top   Bakewell

Donna Duschell (1967) Top   duschell

Barbara Biord (1969) Blue Key Girl Top  
Ginny Dewey (1967) Top   dewey