The California Western University varsity football team completed its finest season in compiling 7-2 record over the nine game season.

Four Western Gridders earned berths on the NAIA District 3 team. End Terry Greeson and center Joe Spaulding were picked for the first team on offense while Jack O`Brian and Ron Damschen were named to the defensive team. O`Brian was also named to the NAIA All-American team.

Tribute is paid to senior quarterback Larry Toledo who ranked nationally all season in passing offense and completion percentages.



11 Larry Toledo QB
14 Allen Brown QB
15 Frank Alderete QB
21 Brian Smith HB
22 Joe Picchiottino HB
25 Howard Maynard HB
26 Paul Smith HB
28 Joe Sewell HB
30 Anson Avery FB
31 Mike Dolphin FB
32 Jim Davis FB
33 Tim Short FB
34 Gary Schultz HB
40 Robert Acuna HB
43 John Ricci HB
44 Rick Starek HB
48 Howie Williamson HB
50 Joe Spaulding C
53 Robert Keller C
56 Dave West C
61 Joe Frost G
62 Bob Embry G
63 John Giliam C
64 Jack O'Brien G
66 Roger Class G
68 Jack Duby G
70 Ben Cipranic G
71 Dick Huddelston T
72 Charles Alderman G
75 Ron Damschen T
77 Lemmon Williams T
78 Dave Price T
81 Ned Downham E
82 Robert Dovgin E
83 Richard Cherry E
87 Terry Love E
88 Terry Greeson E
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